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In Memory of David Marca

It is with great sadness that we inform you about the unexpected decease of David A. Marca at the age of 60. David was one of the initiators and the program co-chair of ICE-B, and since recently also program co-chair of ICSOFT-EA.

David's work for the ICETE and ICSOFT conferences can hardly be overestimated. He had many capacities, which he happily exploited to contribute to the success and quality of these conferences. David was founder and president of OpenProcess, Inc., a consulting firm for global e-business solutions. He wrote six books and many papers on the topics of e-business, information systems, and software engineering, and co-authored "IDEF0 and SADT: a modeler's guide". He taught in several schools on business and computer sciences, including the School of Business and the School of Information Technology at Edgewood College and the University of Phoenix Online. As business executive, scholar and educator, David could recognize practical value, theoretical soundness and didactic quality of the work presented at the conferences. He continuously generated ideas on how to improve the conference program and make attendance more attractive and worthwhile. For example, he introduced in ICE-B 2010 a special workshop that employed crowdsourcing-by-post-its to collect insights on e-business challenges and directions, which eventually led to an interesting paper in the ICETE 2010 book published by Springer.

But above all, David was a warm person and a great friend. His interests went well beyond business and technology. During coffee breaks, excursions and banquets, he educated us about such various topics as politics, sports (running, karate!), philosophy, economics, and science fiction (Asimov's Foundation series!).

We will miss his presence, enthusiasm, and guidance.