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Universities, R&D Groups and Academic Networks

ICSOFT is a unique forum for universities, research groups and research projects to present their research and scientific results, be it by presenting a paper, hosting a tutorial or instructional course or demonstrating its research products in demo sessions, by contributing towards panels and discussions in the event's field of interest or by presenting their project, be it by setting up an exhibition booth, by being profiled in the event's web presence or printed materials or by suggesting keynote speakers or specific thematic sessions.

Special conditions are also available for Research Projects which wish to hold meetings at INSTICC events.

Current Academic Partners:

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Since 1996, the University has focused his teaching and interdisciplinary research to find solutions to current problems, and ranks among the best universities in Madrid for excellence academic programs and international scientific quality. Study URJC provides a learning environment and a life aimed at promoting the work and talent campus. In URJC you can develop your potential and have a comprehensive, international, professional and humanistic education. Located in Madrid, the facilities and infrastructure of the campuses of Aranjuez, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, Madrid and Móstoles encorauge the university life and an academic environment-oriented to research, innovation and learning.     
The URJC, a university where
- Develop a critical spirit
- Formed on academics and professional
- Enrich and grow personally and culturally


ElasTest: An Elastic Platform for Testing Complex Distributed Large Software Systems

ElasTest is an elastic platform aimed to ease functional and non-functional tests. ElasTest manages the infrastructure so that testers and developers don't need to do so, it collects evidences for troubleshooting when tests fail (including logs, metrics, and test results), and it can impose real-world conditions to the software under test for accurate testing. ElasTest can be integrated with test management tools like TestLink, and provides test orchestration to simplify test management by reusing common test patterns.

MLSA (MultiLingual Software Analysis) Research group

The MLSA (MultiLingual Software Analysis) Research group aims to develop software engineering tools that address large multilingual codebases in a lightweight, open and extensible fashion.  Their publically available open source MLSA software architecture is their initial step to this goal. The MLSA research Group is based in the Computer and Information Science Department of Fordham University in New York City, USA.